Penn State Fans should Feel Disrespected by National Media

After an annihilation of Idaho, the national media has been oddly quiet about a team ranked 15th in the nation.

In fact, one of the only news articles I’ve seen about them was whether or not James Franklin ran up the score on the Vandals.

How about a little respect for the Nittany Lions? Ohio State only won 45-21 after being up 28-0, but all they wanna do is make excuses.

Uh, hey ohio? How about you dominate the teams your supposed too and let your coach handle it afterwards.

While Franklin understands, and knows nobody wants to see that kind of beatdown on the scoreboard — he refuses to let those comments confirm a narrative that is clearly false. “No one likes to see that,” Franklin mentioned in his press conference on Tuesday.
“But I will tell you that those guys deserve to get in the game and play.” At one point, Penn State was trotting out players who weren’t even on the week one depth chart.

If you think its a lose-lose situation for letting your 5th string offense score a touchdown, your soft. And if you’re dominating so bad but let up 21 points, your defense is soft too.

As for the rest of the BIG 10, also soft. Michigan State only beating Tulsa by 3 touchdowns? Is Sparty afraid of beating up on the Golden Hurricanes? How about Michigan? You cant put up more then 40 on Mid. Tennessee?

All the other top teams in the big 10 are soft, and they lack depth. Nobody wants to throw the ball when your up big, but your offensive line should still be able to run all over the opponent. Only team I saw doing that week one was Penn State. Some respect to the Badgers, they did play how you would expect a top 25 team to play, unlike Michigan, Michigan st and Ohio state.

But then if we bring up champion contenders you’d think the Lions don’t even play in the same conference? Its CRAZY to me. How about you look good against the teams your supposed to man handle?

Fortunately, the lions get to play all these teams this year, and then Penn State will get the respect they deserve.

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