Taylors Heisman Hopes Ride On Badgers Success

Saying Jonathan Taylor is the best running back in the nation is like saying lakes are full of water.

Duh. We know that.

But unfortunately in the Heisman, they don’t get the respect they deserve. Going back to 1999, four running backs have won the trophy.

And three of them played for a national championship. And this is where Jonathan Taylor will need team success if hes going to have individual awards.

I wrote about betting the future of the Heisman and took a deep look into the history of the award in recent years. If a running back is going to win, he not only needs a monster season, he needs to also compete for the national championship. The last running back to break that mold, was fellow Badger Ron Dayne. But a lot has changed since then. Look no further then Melvin Gordan or Montee Ball. A monster running back that goes 9-3 doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

But so far 2019 has started exactly the way they needed it to. The Badgers ROUTED USF and Jonathan Taylor had a huge game. 16 for 135 and 2 TDs, plus 2 receptions for 48 yards and 2 TDs. Thats how you make a statement to start the year.

The Badgers have a tough schedule this year. Next week vs Central Michigan and October 5th vs Kent State will be two cake walks, but the rest of the schedule will be a hard fought win (Just kidding, Illinois and Minnesota stink). If they can run the table, or at a minimum go 11-1, Jonathan Taylor can see himself in New York hoisting some bronze.

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