Jeremy Pruitt Landing Young Playmakers

After going 2-6 in conference and 5-7 overall last season, the Vols are looking to bounce back.

Surprisingly, it looks like the Vols are moving in the right direction and some if it is thanks to Jeremy Pruitt.

According to 247sports, Tennessee landed 3 players on the 2019 true freshman preseason all-American team; 5 star OL Wayna Morris, 4 star Linebacker Henry To’oto’o, and 3 star CB Warren Burrell.

The entire 2019 recruiting class was pretty solid. Be ready to see OL Darnell Wright, LB Quavaris Crouch, Safety Jaylen McCollough, and RB Eric Gray. These guys may not start right out of the gate but are likely to make a positive impact on the Vols in 2019.

Although it’s hard to give Pruitt all the credit, he definitely had a part in keeping those top tier recruits after a rough season and building a generally sound 2019 class.

Each of those players on the preseason all-American team are likely to come in and start at a position the Vols previously struggled.

Only a few weeks until we get to see these true freshman in game and I’m interested to see if they live up to the hype.

How do you all think Pruitt is doing so far?

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