Notre Dame Ranked Outside Top 5 All-Time Programs

Sports Illustrated had an article talking about the top 10 programs ever. Some of the teams seem to be in the right spot. But overall, the list missed the mark.

Here are SI’s rankings:

10. Oklahoma
9. Tennessee
8. Penn State
7. Nebraska
6. Notre Dame
5. USC
4. Texas
3. Michigan
2. Ohio State
1. Alabama

Alabama is understandable at one, they have history and recent success to pull off of and deserve the spot. My real problem is Michigan being number three while Notre Dame sits at six.

The author of the rankings claims Notre Dame hasn’t won a title since 1988 but gives Michigan credit for sharing the title in 1997. So should Notre Dame claim 1993? Michigan hasn’t won a title outright since the 1940’s. The Wolverines were once a dominant program, but that was around the time electricity started to become common place in American homes.

Texas is another confusing team as Notre Dame has more claimed titles than Texas has total titles. They have a better win percentage and more Heisman winners. Texas also doesn’t have the benefit of recent success for their lofty spot in all-time programs.

Notre Dame being hated and called overrated is common place. Things haven’t been the best in recent years and they have failed to show up in the bright lights. However, if you want to talk about all time programs, Notre Dame has been dominant in most decades. Over 900 wins and claimed titles in six different decades. If they claimed titles like Alabama and Auburn, Notre Dame would have 22.

Knock Notre Dame for their recent struggles, but putting schools that just haven’t been as good over the history of college football is just wrong. Or Michigan can keep pumping their fists for their dominance while the Model T was still in production.

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