Ryan Day Still Hasn’t Named Ohio State’s QB

This can’t be good news for Buckeyes fan. It’s almost the middle of August and Ryan Day still hasn’t named the starter as Ohio State’s QB. Its one thing if Justin Field and Gunnar Hoak were both playing out of this world and it was to hard to make a decision. Like having two hot prom dates. That’s a good problem to have. But this sounds like you have two prom dates and neither of them are in the running for prom queen.

Justin Fields entered fall camp as the presumed starter and he remains the likely starting quarterback. But after eight practices in nine days, Day hasn’t pulled the trigger on naming Fields the starter over Kentucky transfer Gunnar Hoak. And given what he said after Saturday’s intrasquad scrimmage, he doesn’t seem to expect to name a starting quarterback for at least another week.
“I thought after today I’d have a better feel. I didn’t,” Day said. “Nobody went out there and won the job for sure. So again, it’s still a work in progress. Hopefully at this time next week somebody steps up and wins the job.”


But, I have a hunch this is a fabrication from Coach Ryan Day. Last year Lincoln Riley said Austin Kendall was battling Kyler Murray for the starting job. Well, neither of them are there any more because Murray went number one in the draft and Kendall had to transfer to West Virginia where he still hasn’t been named the starter. We can look back at that scenario now and clearly see that Riley was just trying to get more out of Murray.

If there was a handbook on college coaches, this would be textbook “light a fire under his ass.” Nobody believes that Gunnar Hoak actually has a shot at starting, but by keeping him in the race you hope it elevates Justin Fields’ play.

The other conspiracy theory is the fear of telling FAU their starter before you need too. If you don’t name a starter for another week, that’s one less week your opponent has to game plan for that player. Honestly, I don’t buy this one. Its FAU. I love Lane Kiffin because he seems to be a funny troll, but you could tell him what plays your gonna run before you ran them and he still would lose. So I’m gonna stick with the theory that its Fields’ job and Gunnar is essentially a jobber.

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Justin Fields, a 5 star out of high school, only spent a short time in Georgia. But he did show that he can play at a big time level, getting time in 12 games last year. A lot of garbage time obviously, but still played well when given the chance.

Meanwhile Gunnar Hoak, a three star out of high school, spent two years at Kentucky and had very little playing time. When he did get in it was a very mediocre performance.

It might be frustrating for fans to have to go through this drama to find Ohio State’s QB, but I think it will work out in the end. If Justin Fields is in New York City in early December for the Heisman presentation, Ohio state fans will forget all about this.

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