Why YOU Should Bet On A Jalen Hurts Heisman Season

After reviewing the current 2019 Heisman Trophy Winner Odds I’ve decided to bet on Jalen Hurts, and you should too. If you’re familiar with me and my writing this probably doesn’t surprise you, I’m an Oklahoma homer after all.

Sure, I’d be rooting for Jalen no matter what, but now I’m confident enough to put my money on him, and heres why.

The Odds


As of July 22nd, Jalen hurts is projected 4th to win the Heisman at +1000. This is pretty self explanatory (at least to me), but this bet seems like an amazing value. I must not be the only one thinking this though, ESPN’s Phil Steele ranked Jalen the #2 value Hesiman bet for the Heisman.

Basically a +1000 bet on someone with such a high ceiling really maximizes your potential return and minimizes your risk.

So betting on Jalen is the best bang for your buck, but lets get into what makes his ceiling so high.

Lincoln Riley

The Lincoln Riley era is upon us and it’s a good time to be a QB at Oklahoma. Ever since Stoops took on Riley as an offensive coordinator, their offense has seen success.

If you argue Lincoln Riley is not a great offensive mind you don’t have a leg to stand on. In two years as a head coach Riley has 2 CFB playoff appearances and a 24-4 record with laughable defenses both seasons. That’s really all you need to know but just look at OU’s average offensive yards per game in 2017 and 2018 if you need more evidence.

Anyway, Any quality QB you throw into Riley’s offense is going to produce. Hurts is already known for his skills as a running QB and now he’ll have the opportunity to throw in an air raid based offense under one of the best young offensive minds in CFB, giving him two ways to rack up stats.

Theo Wease Jr, Cee Dee Lamb, and The OU Receiving Corps.

Theo Weas Jr is a true freshman who’s already making a name for himself in the Sooners offense. Based on his old highlights I thought he may be the next Hollywood Brown – just a little less fast and a little bigger.

Cee Dee Lamb has already proven his worth on the CFB stage with¬† 1,158 yards on 65 receptions last year. There is already buzz around Lambs placement in the 2020 NFL draft- but let’s finish this season with Hurts first.

Theo Wease Jr. and Cee Dee Lamb are going to be a blast to watch but they aren’t the only targets for Hurts. Year in and year out, the OU receiving crops is among the nations best. In 2019 the OU WR corps is ranked number 3 in the nation according to bleacher report, so there will be no shortage of weapons for Hurts to utilize.

Alex Grinch’s Defense

I’ve already beaten to death the idea that Alex Grinch is going to take OU to the next level defensively, but how does this affect Hurts?

With a more successful defense, Hurts will have some pressure off of him, allowing him to play his game. A QB able to let it fly knowing his defense has his back if he makes a mistake is a QB that’s going to make those “Holy shit he just did that” – AKA Heisman – plays.

Oh, and Grinch has stated he’s focused on turnovers this season. If they have their way, this gives Hurts more opportunities to make plays and more reasons to bet on Jalen.


Hurts has been building momentum at OU since he stepped on campus. As a grad transfer with one season of football left and something to prove, Hurts is setting himself up for a big season.

Aside from his own momentum, Hurts can build off of Murray and Mayfield’s success. You can’t tell me the idea of a three-peat OU QB Heisman isn’t in the coaching staff’s minds. That thought will follow the coaching staff throughout the season and consciously or not will affect their decisions.

So that’s why YOU should bet on Jalen Hurts to win the Heisman.¬† If you’re betting on Hurts tell us why, if you’re not, tell us who you’re betting on (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). If we like what we see we’ll feature your bets and gambling strategies in an article!

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