Ryan Day Proving He Can Recruit Better Than Meyer

A game hasn’t been played yet and plenty of questions surround Day as he enters his first season as the Buckeyes coach. But one thing should be clear during his short time at Ohio State, Ryan Day’s recruiting is some of the best we have seen.

During the suspension of Urban Meyer, Day was the choice to be the interim until Meyer returned. It sent a clear message that Day was the coach in waiting. Ohio State has clearly made the right choice.

Recruiting Comparision

While you can’t judge a class until they have been through four years and produced an entire body of work, you can look at rankings. Meyer had impressive classes and never finished outside of the top seven according to 247 Sports. His highest class was ranked second and he achieved this three times during his tenure at Ohio State. His best class was arguably in 2018 when his class finished ranked second and he signed 13 players in the top 100. Of those 13, 6 were on the offensive side of the ball. Day is still in the middle of his first class but he stacks up pretty favorably.

Julian Fleming (4) is not only the star of Day’s first class but one of the highest ranked recruits ever for Ohio State

The 2020 class doesn’t wrap up until next February, but Day currently holds the third ranked class. He has nine players ranked inside the top 100 and seven of them are offensive players. Even more impressive is he managed to land four receivers in the 2020 class. All are in the top 100, including the number one receiver in the country, Julian Fleming.

Once the 2020 class is finished, Day should have added another five star and number 22 overall player in running back Bijan Robinson. The number 108 overall player, Jaylan Knighton, an APB out of Florida is also expected to sign with the Buckeyes. This would give Day 10 players in the top 100, 8 of them being offensive players. As great as his first recruiting haul has been he also tied Meyer in another impressive category in year one.

All-Time Rankings

Meyer coached the Buckeyes from 2012-2018. In that time he landed two players in the top 10 on the all-time Buckeye recruiting rankings. The rankings go back to 2000 but it is still an impressive feat to land what is considered some of the best players in the last 20 years. Until you notice that Day has surpassed that.

Meyer has Nick Bosa and Nicholas Petit-Frere that land in the top 10 all-time Buckeyes out of high school. Ryan Day had Julian Fleming, Jack Sawyer and Paris Johnson that fall in the top 10.

All of these rankings could turn out to mean very little. But for Day to be putting up these numbers in his first real recruiting class is impressive. Even if he isn’t the coach that Urban Meyer was, he has all the talent you could ask for. He has three classes that finished in the top five on his roster and is locking up another top five class for 2020.

While the future is still a bit uncertain, one thing is becoming clear for the immediate future, Ryan Day’s recruiting is some of the best in the country.

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