Texas is Having a Tough Day

Texas is on their way to being prominent in college football again. But it has not been a good day for Texas.

Bru McCoy

The story of Bru McCoy is a wild one. He hasn’t played a snap yet but he is about to transfer twice before starting his Freshman year.

I had a problem for with the transfer portal and this was why. Players should be allowed to move after dedicating time to the college they chose. McCoy is such a big deal because of his incredible talent.

McCoy was the 9th overall player in the country. The receiver out of California was also believed to be favored for USC. After some program turmoil and uncertainty, he decided he would go to Texas.

He was then pulled back to USC by Kliff Kingsbury once he was hired on. McCoy flipped his commitment and was going to USC. Once he was enrolled early at USC, with no Kingsbury, McCoy felt lied to and duped by the coaching staff so he transferred to Texas.

Now McCoy is feeling homesick after Spring practice and is looking to transfer to USC. Herman is rounding up a group of a few coaches and Sam Ehlinger to fly to California with the hope of having McCoy stay.

I feel for McCoy for getting jerked around by the USC coaching staff. But the NCAA has already shown that they will let players transfer and play for almost any reason. If players can now jump around from multiple schools in the offseason, it would be full on free agency.

McCoy wasn’t forced to play at Texas, he picked Texas. If he wants to transfer after his Freshman year, I would support it. But he signed on and committed to Texas.

But Texas is likely to miss out on McCoy as all signs point to him leaving. Whether I agree with it or not, college football is changing. Instead of fighting it, I just have to accept this is how things are now and move on. Or bitch in a blog about it.

Zachary Evans

If McCoy wasn’t bad enough, Texas received another blow from the top recruit according to 247 Sports.

The Texas running back didn’t list a single Texas school in his top five. While Texas and A&M are really the only two that would be vying for Evans, it is still a tough look.

Not only did Evans leave Texas out, he told the media why:

You can’t land every player, but this is tough. The Houston product feeling this way about one of the most iconic schools in history that is also in his home state is a problem.

Tom Herman is fixing this and they will be back soon, but it is a tough day to be a Texas fan.

Some fans have hoped he lands at Oklahoma so Texas can play him over the next four years. Not the plan I would hope for but I appreciate the enthusiasm.

Texas will be just fine under Tom Herman. Just need to hope the news starts to get better as the offseason rolls on.

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