Shockingly Urban Meyer May Come Back

With speculation about USC coach Clay Helton’s job security already rampant, Leinart and Bush have already spoken of trying to persuade Meyer to take over if Helton is fired.

Did Meyer have any interest in nipping that in the bud or in opening the crack to the door?
“I learned my lesson long ago,” he said. “All I’m going to say is I believe I’m done (coaching). I think I’m done.”

quote from Columbus Dispatch

Urban Meyer retired in January and just about everyone could see through it. Meyer was 54 when he walked away but it wasn’t the first time.

Back when Meyer was with Florida, he announced he was retiring due to health concerns. Whether his health or the looming scandals, he said he was done coaching football. After one year in the booth, he had taken the position at Ohio State. Eight years and a ton of success were the result.

But after having some health concerns and a season full of scandal, Urban Meyer had announced he was retiring and he thinks he is done.

Like clockwork, Meyer will be the coach at USC in a year. He is also one of the greats when it comes to coaching so he will make USC dominant in no time at all. But after some time in California, scandal will start to rear its head. He will cite health concerns and will retire again.

He may not know if he is done, but the rest of the country does. See you soon Urban Meyer.

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  1. Urban Meyer could revive USC. USC has been down since the departure of Pete. Now, it’s getting embarrassing.

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