Georgia Deserves More Respect for Non-Conference Scheduling

The SEC is hailed as the best conference in football. With all the money ESPN makes from the SEC, I get the narrative. That and a few quick hitting stats like,

  • most NFL draft picks yearly
  • Alabama wins all the National Championships
  • Great recruiting classes yearly

But the other stat nobody talks about is top to bottom, the SEC isn’t that great. Here are a few more stat to help paint the picture.

  • 14-9 against other power five conferences in 2018
  • 10-12 against other power five conferences in 2017
  • 11-14 against other power five conferences in 2016

So the SEC is actually just a .500 conference against everyone else. But Georgia is doing something about it that needs to be celebrated.

Alabama is known for an incredibly weak out of conference schedule and claiming the SEC is so difficult that they don’t schedule tough games. Bama also hasn’t played a true out of conference road game in a decade.

All of this is happening while Georgia is playing anyone and everyone in the country. here are a few teams they have scheduled:

  • Notre Dame
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Clemson
  • UCLA
  • Florida State

Georgia has played or will be playing on both coasts and across three different conferences. This is what the committee needs to start taking a look at when discussing playoff seeding.

Alabama has to play Duke, Southern Miss and New Mexico State early in the year. Then they also have their annual FCS game before playing Auburn to wrap up the regular season.

I don’t expect teams to play a gauntlet of a schedule weekly but they need to at least make it look like they try. Teams like Georgia and Texas are scheduling all over the country while Alabama puts together a cupcake schedule.

As the seasons roll on and more teams make their case about a playoff spot, resume will matter more. Georgia deserves far more respect for a close loss in Oregon over Alabama beating an FCS team by 59.

While Georgia could hide behind the SEC narrative, they are going out to play some of the best teams and proving to everyone they’re the best. While some will beat their chest and scream “Roll Tide” as Alabama beats up on New Mexico State, Georgia fans can have pride that they went into South Bend and won.

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