LSU vs Texas, Week Two, is A Playoff Game

Big 12 vs the SEC. This could possibly be the biggest non conference game of the year, and it has the biggest impact on the playoffs.

The 2018 LSU Tigers finished a disappointing 10-3, going 5-3 in conference, and second in the SEC west. After they lost one of the greatest college games of all time, the 6 overtime game vs A&M, their playoff dreams were toast. One of the few reasons they even had a chance though was due to their early season win vs Miami to help out their case as being one of the best teams in the nation.

On the opposite side, Texas went 10-4 with a powerful win over Georgia in the sugar Bowl. They too were on the outside looking in of the college football playoffs when they lost to Oklahoma. They would have still needed a miracle of events to play out to make their way in, but losing crushed all hope. But just like LSU, due to an early season win over USC, they were able to help out the resume with a strong oout of conference win.

So what will this years game mean? Suppose the winner of this game finish’s the year 11-1, with their only loss to the conference champion (Oklahoma/Alabama), does this game give that team enough leverage to sneak their way in? In 2017, it worked for Georgia.

In September of 2017 Georgia went into Notre Dame and beat the Irish. Then the rest of the year they would only lose to Auburn, and still found their way into the final four.

Could one of these teams be the 2019 version of the Bull Dogs?

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