Will Grier Gives Back to West Virginia

Will Grier was recently drafted by the Carolina Panthers and it was a great situation. Not only will he get to work with an offensive guru in Norv Turner, but it is also lets Grier return to where he grew up.

Since Grier became the starter at West Virginia, he was lighting up Big 12 defenses. Some may be upset that he skipped a meaningless bowl game at the end of his Senior year but he gave West Virginia two great seasons. Now with Grier on to the NFL he is giving back again.

Grier is holding a meet and greet for fans Charleston Sports Pub. Fans can pay for a picture and autograph with Grier and 100% of the profits made from this event will be donated to a West Virginia scholarship.

For those interested in attending the event, you can find detail on their website (here) or on their Facebook page (here)

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