Ohio State Not Missing a Beat Under Day

There were plenty of questions about Ryan Day after taking over for Urban Meyer. Everyone knew he was the next coach after being named interim head coach during the Meyer suspension, but he has very little experience in big time coaching.

Day has been around the game long enough but he played at a small school, was only an OC at two other lower FBS schools and was only a head coach for the three games during the suspension. But now it looks like some doubt can start to fade after seeing his work on the recruiting trail.

Ohio State has the 11th ranked class in the class of 2020 and that number is likely going to jump up. Day is the favorite to land the best receiver recruit in the nation and is in the mix for some of the best talent in the country.

Day also landed a transfer in Justin Fields and has done everything to build confidence up to this point with the fan base. They say you should never follow a legend because you won’t be able to meet their standards. But Day has been groomed for this and has a roster full of Urban Meyer’s guys.

There are still going to be questions as Day navigates the season. He needs to show he has the ability to run a team for a full season and try to avoid late season collapses. But more important will be beating a rival.

You don’t have to look far to find a coach that struggles with a hated rival and the fan base is growing frustrated. Jim Harbaugh was, and still is, considered one of the greatest college coaches in the game. But he cannot beat Ohio State and snap the losing streak against Ohio State.

If Michigan were to beat Ohio State, it would cover up some flaws or bowl losses. 10-3 is a good season for almost anybody, unless you consistently get dragged year after year by the biggest rival.

Ohio State will likely continue to run all over their little brother and be competitive in year one of Ryan Day. Day has them on the right track and doesn’t need to get much further to reach the playoff. There will be hiccups along the way as he maneuvers being a head coach at one of the biggest programs in the country. But above all else, keep beating Michigan and some flaws won’t be so glaring.

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