Is 2019 the Year Texas Can Make Playoff?

Taking a look at the prospect of the Texas Longhorns and a CFB Playoff berth

As I’ve said before the upcoming season is the first that I have been truly excited for in almost a decade as a Longhorns fan. Texas has been the definition of mediocrity and have been underachieving for the past 10 years.  Year after year we have a stellar recruiting classes and it just seems we can never get over the hump and back to contention in the Big 12. Well folks I think that time has finally come so lets get into why I think we have a legitimate shot at a playoff berth.

The Big 12 has not been able to demand much respect across the college football landscape over the past several years. The biggest reason for that is the Big 12 basically had one team at the top and everyone else playing for second and third. Oklahoma has absolutely dominated the Big 12 since its creation in 1996. Oklahoma has 12 Big 12 championships compared to the 9 combined championships of the other teams currently in the Big 12. They also have ran off 4 straight Big 12 titles. Its clear to see that the path to the CFB Playoff does and will run through Oklahoma. With all of that being said this season will be the first season in several years that Oklahoma has clear competition for the top spot in the conference.

Don’t get me wrong Oklahoma is on their own level in the Big 12, I’m not claiming that Texas is there just yet. I’m just saying the gap has been closed significantly with finally developing these great recruiting classes we have been having. When Texas went into both the Red River Shootout and the Big 12 championship last year I didn’t feel an overwhelming feeling that they were going to get destroyed from start to finish. I have certainly felt that way in recent years.

This year it finally feels like its Oklahoma, Texas, then everyone else playing for 3rd and 4th. Who knows maybe I’m crazy and Texas totally crumbles this year but I just don’t see that happening. Head coach Tom Herman has changed the culture at Texas and its clear that the players think and feel like they belong in the discussion when it comes to the playoff.

Outside of the Big 12 you have what I consider the big two in Clemson and Alabama. Both of those teams are clearly on another level than any other teams in the country. Georgia I feel is clearly in 3rd but its just difficult for the CFB Playoff committee to put two SEC teams in year after year. Then you have teams like Oklahoma Notre Dame Michigan and Ohio St. that will always be making a push. Those teams typically end the year with one to two loses and they can really muddy up the picture.

Now here’s is a few reasons I like UTs chance at pushing for a playoff berth.

First and foremost we must win the Big 12 championship and I feel like we have a good chance of doing so.

Secondly we have a schedule that, if made through with only one loss and a conference championship, screams playoff berth. If Texas wins he conference championship that means they will have played and most likely beaten teams like LSU, Oklahoma St, and Oklahoma twice. That’s good enough to put any team in the playoff with only 1 loss as long as they win a conference title.

All in all, I feel like Texas has a good if not great chance to clinch a playoff berth this season. They have a good schedule that has them playing two if not three games against legitimate playoff contenders.

We as the fan base can cry “We’re BAAAAAAACK” all day long but until we win the Big 12 and clinch a seat at the big table with the likes of Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio St., Clemson, and Alabama we are just pounding our chests to make ourselves feel better.

I do believe Texas has what it takes this year and win or lose in the CFB Playoff if we can make it there we as fans can finally say with confidence “We’re BAAAAAAACK”.

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