Finebaum Says Clemson has Passed Bama

Everything must come to an end. Over the last decade we have witnessed teams come and go but one thing has stayed consistent. Alabama has been firmly planted atop the college football World. But SEC Network radio host, Paul Finebaum, has said that their time is up.

This isn’t a knock on Alabama but just shows how fast Clemson has risen. Alabama and Clemson have both been fighting for the top spot over the last few seasons. However Clemson seems to be leaving Alabama behind.

After humbling the Crimson Tide in the National Championship, Clemson followed it up with quite the recruiting haul. The 2020 class for the Tigers may be the best ever once National Signing Day rolls around.

Trevor Lawrence and Co. will be a force in 2019 and don’t look to slow down. The question comes down to how Tua and Alabama respond after such a disastrous championship performance. Tua has started to show signs of struggling in the big games. He saved the day after taking over for Hurts in his first championship. But since he has been a shell of himself in both the most recent SEC Championship and National Championship.

As fun and exciting as the 2019 season will be, we likely know where it will end. Alabama and Clemson will likely be at the end again and they are two of the best teams in the entire country. While Clemson has been on a major come up the last few years, Nick Saban is still the greatest coach in college football history.

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