Ending a Longstanding Rivalry is Right Move

It isn’t set in stone but it looks like the rivalry could be coming to an between Notre Dame and Purdue.

“Notre Dame has got its own unique scheduling dynamic and philosophy,” said Bobinski, speaking at a John Purdue Club function tonight in DeMotte, Ind. “They thought the six-game stretch that we are gonna have coming up here for the time being as all they wanted to commit to and they wanted to think about other things moving out into the ’30s.”

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The rivalry wasn’t really a heated on and Notre Dame currently has 30 more wins over Purdue. But it also started in the 1890’s and if there is one thing Notre Dame fans love, it is tradition.

Notre Dame walking away from a long time rival is the right move. With the partial ACC schedule, rivals like Michigan and USC on the schedule and some incredible matchups over the next few years, it is time.

Notre Dame already plays a grueling schedule and they have to face Wisconsin, Clemson, Ohio State and Georgia over the next few seasons. They play on both coasts yearly and travel as much as anyone outside of Hawaii too. Walking away from Purdue is best. But with Purdue headed towards the rear view, should Notre Dame consider dropping other rivalries?

Rivalries Worth Losing

This is a topic that most fans will disagree on. Younger fans love the Michigan rivalry, Michigan State is love by some older fans and most love the USC rivalry. Navy is a sacred rivalry and I am one of the very few that would like to see it go. I appreciate the history and what the Naval Academy did for Notre Dame. But it also provides very little to Notre Dame now and adds a difficult task in the middle of an even tougher season. The rivalry will never go anywhere and is beloved but there are others that could see the same fate.

To Narrow it down, USC and Stanford are a yearly rivalry and Boston College and Pitt are in the ACC. Michigan State has been put on the back burner and Michigan is up in the air for 2020.

As much as I would love to see Michigan and Michigan State on the schedule regularly, it just won’t happen. Between and expanded Big Ten schedule and Notre Dame playing ACC teams, the schedules just won’t line up well.

Losing Michigan State seems the most likely and will get replaced with Florida State as a semi-regular rival. From “The Game of the Century” to the terrible pass interference call in 2014, the history is there. They have future games already planned and both play in the ACC.

Another looming rival that could replace and old foe could be Clemson. Another ACC opponent that has played Notre Dame in the playoff and a hurricane. They also travel to South Bend in 2020 if the two don’t meet again next year. Similar to Florida State, Clemson could just be the team you love to hate because of their talent and a few exciting games mixed in. Unfortunately for Notre Dame, Clemson is in a cold war with Alabama and stockpiling talent like no other.

With the slate of games getting tougher and the ACC schedule, Notre Dame is likely going to lose some semi-regular rivals. There will have to be some easier games scheduled in just to break up the season and to give Notre Dame a realistic chance to go undefeated. While some fans want Notre Dame to play, recruit and schedule like it is 1988, the times are changing. While everything can’t stay the same, it opens the door for new, modern rivals in the changing World of college football.

What team would you like Notre Dame to drop from the schedule and which team would you like to see more? Let us know what you think below!

2 thoughts on “Ending a Longstanding Rivalry is Right Move

  1. “Tradition” – it another, more polite, way of saying “We play this team because we need a break.” For the Navy-game. But ND’s other rivals? They’re good games. Yes, even Purdue. BC? (I’m from Boston-ish) Save for 1993, (which I grievously attended) they aren’t worthy. Sure, they beat us, like, 5 consecutive times. But those were the Davie/Won’tingham/Weis years. Bad times. Now that an ND alumnus is directing the B10, the B10 might want to resurrect old rivalries. Don’t. The ACC is a better fit for ND. USC & Stanford? The current arrangement “SavvyJack” has working is awesome. Alternate years – last game of the season. (good call re:weather)

    So – what’s my point?

    “Ending A Long-Standing Rivalry Is The Right Move” (column’s title) is spot-on. GoIRISH!

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