Mountaineers Face One of the Toughest Schedules in the NCAA

There are schools like Notre Dame who like to brag about how they’ve never played a FCS school, and there are schools like Michigan who don’t wanna talk about it. Most schools fall in between that spectrum and they get made fun of for wasting a Saturday and playing a cupcake schedule. Well, if that’s the case, then leave West Virginia off the list.

West Virginia is one of four Power five schools that will play eleven power five teams. And to be honest, that 12th game, the season opener, is no walk in the park. JMU is no slouch of a football program going 37-6 the last three years. You can find a lot worse to play. JMU is a preseason top 10 team in the FCS. Alabam will play Western Carolina this year, and they’re ranked 88th.

After that you get an SEC team, an ACC team, then a gauntlet of nine Big 12 schools. Sure, Missouri and NC State aren’t you blue bloods like LSU or Florida State, but that point of the season Alabama is playing New Mexico state and southern Miss. If you’re gonna play non power five schools they should at least be good non power five schools. If were gonna give Georgia credit for playing Missouri and Clemson credit for playing NC St, then so do the Mountaineers.

Lastly we have the in conference schedule. Its always tough. you get Texas at home but you have to go to Oklahoma and TCU. Kansas under Les Miles will be a tougher team, Iowa St is coming off a successful season, Baylor is building momentum after going 1-11 in ’17, and Bill Snyder retired at Kansas state but they fill the job with 4 time FCS champion Chris Lieman of North Dakota State- the list goes on. Its a tough schedule, regardless of what the “strength of schedule” will tell you.

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