Answer to QB May Lay Outside of Recruiting

When Beau Allen committed to Kentucky it felt like kind of a loss for West Virginia. It wasn’t a complete blindside as the three star was from Lexington and most projected him to land with Kentucky. But it isn’t a secret that the Mountaineers liked Allen and are currently looking to fix the long term QB situation. Two things are clear after the signing, West Virginia still has questions at QB and Neal Brown has work to do on the recruiting trail.


Neal Brown spent the last few seasons turning Troy into a respectable team. Three straight 10-3 seasons and an upset over LSU is an impressive stretch for any coach. While Brown was building up the culture in Troy, he was also recruiting and bringing in the players to make the impact of multiple 10 win seasons. This was Troy’s recruiting rank in conference during the Neal Brown era:

  • 2016- 4th in conference (6-2 in the Sun Belt)
  • 2017- 2nd in conference (7-1 in the Sun Belt)
  • 2018- 4th in conference (7-1 in the Sun Belt)

It shows how Brown brought in players as well as a great system from Mike Leach to rebuild Troy and make an immediate impact. He can in part thank Dana for the last few seasons of recruiting he is left with.

  • 2017- 8th in conference in recruiting
  • 2018- 6th in conference in recruiting
  • 2019- 7th in conference in recruiting

With a dip in recruiting compared to the conference and a departure of talent, Neal Brown needs to figure something out. He also needs to find his quarterback of the future once Austin Kendall leaves. Enticing recruits to come to Morgantown will take time and he has already started pursuing nearby talent, unlike his predecessor.

While this season likely has a record somewhere around .500 in store, Brown could show the college football World how exciting his offense can be. That could have a direct result in finding his next QB.

The QB of the Future.

Austin Kendall could be a nice placeholder and Trey Lowe could develop into a great player. But because of the changing landscape in college football, they don’t have to be recruited anymore.

Now that the transfer portal is letting anyone leave for any reason, the QB market is going to be wide open.

Tate Martell, Justin Fields, Kelly Bryant, Jacob Eason, Brandon Wimbush and Alex Hornibrook are just a few names that transferred and will play this season. Unless something changes, this could be the new norm in college football.

While landing the stud out of high school and developing him is ideal, looking in the transfer portal could give you a list of competent quarterbacks that were beat out or are looking for a change. I don’t agree with how freely everyone can leave but if the NCAA will let them than West Virgina might as well take advantage of it.

It also isn’t a secret that West Virginia isn’t pulling in the elite level recruits. (only two top 250 players in the 2018 class) But now they have a chance to kick the tires on a transfer.

This is also where Neal Brown and a top notch offense can sway a former four star to sign on with the Mountaineers. The transfer QB may not fix all of the problems and it may not work out. Kendall is still a question mark but Will Grier seemed to do just fine.

The college football landscape has changed and with talent spreading out it could be a big win for West Virginia.

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