Mullen Playing Mind Games With Georgia

Dan Mullen has been in the process of rebuilding Florida and picking fights with Georgia in the process. Poking the bear could be a major problem but he doesn’t have much to lose. Florida isn’t a contender yet and Georgia is so far ahead that this isn’t much of a big deal yet. That is until Mullen speaks it into existence.

Florida Spring Game Attendance

Mullen mentioned the Spring game attendance was 39,476. His subtle jab at Georgia took some digging but fans were able to figure out the significance of the number. Georgia hadn’t won a championship in 39 years and have played 476 games. It goes back to 1981 when Georgia defeated Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl to claim their last title.

Criticizing Fields Transfer

Mullen had plenty to say about Fields leaving Georgia and how poorly it was handled. That came back to bite him as Florida had their own four star QB leave. The only difference was Justin Fields actually spent a season in Athens.

Jalon Jones put his name in the transfer portal as an early enrollee at Florida. Jones hasn’t even made it to May in Florida before trying to get out. Jones was the No. 10 dual threat QB in the last recruiting cycle.

Chasing a Florida Great

Mullen has been making comments about Georgia over the last few seasons. Mullen is pulling a page right out of the Steve Spurrier playbook as the Old Ball Coach was known to take a shot at Georgia. The only difference was Spurrier actually won.

On the flip side, Mullen and Florida have nothing to lose. Georgia is the better team and nobody expects Florida to knock them off. When everyone expects you to lose, might as well and try to play some head games. If Mullen can get Georgia off their game and in some way actually win, Georgia would never hear the end of it. If Florida loses, status quo and the season rolls on as expected.

Mullen isn’t going to stop but you don’t concern yourself with the annoying little brother.

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