WVU in the News For All the Wrong Reasons

It has been a tough week for Mountaineer fans. First there was the draft that saw star receiver David Sills fall to undrafted in the NFL draft. It wasn’t the worst thing as he was still signed immediately after but it never feels great to watch a guy that helped the program so much be underappreciated.

Later came the news that expected number one receiver, Marcus Simms, will be headed elsewhere.

This is a situation still surrounded in questions that answers haven’t quite surfaced yet. It started as Simms wanted to leave, it turned into sounding like the coaching staff may have pushed him out. There is mostly some details and some speculation but nothing in stone. The best way to put it, Simms was a great player and you want to buy in to the new coaching staff. It isn’t ideal but at this point just wish the best for both and hope to see both West Virginia and Simms succeed.

To wrap up some receiver disappointment was an old ex just taking a dig.

Holgorsen had high expectations during his tenure at West Virginia but never quite met them. A few ten win seasons and being ranked was great but he never landed a conference title or the high end recruits he claims would never get kids to West Virginia.

You want to move on and forget about him, right? But he is that ex that wronged you and part of you still cares because you spent so much time together. It wasn’t all bad, Will Grier, some 10 win seasons, beating Texas, just think of the good times you had. It hurts now but time heals all wounds. By time I mean Neal Brown, he should make you forget and his recruiting is already a promising start. Stay patient and give Neal Brown time because Dana will be nothing more than a blip in due time.

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