Geno Smith Bashes WV in a Tweet, then Deletes it

I’m not sure where you stand on Geno Smith but I’m over him. This tweet came out Saturday morning. I’m not sure what time he deleted it, but he clarified some more with tweets that still exist, for now.

Maybe things have changed? Yeah dude, the head coach you played for, left months ago. And the new one loves bringing in former players. Is it on the athletic director to set these things up? I have no idea. It feels like if we had just let him show up the spring game in the all grays maybe he wouldn’t be so cranky.

And to confuse his stance some more, he later tweeted this:

I’m clueless to what hes talking about. He doesn’t want to be associated with West Virginia (or is high school), but he loves us and thinks we can be a powerhouse. I don’t know who was mistreated or how. Its just weird that he says he hasn’t been around in years, but now that its a new regime he decides to voice this opinion. If Geno has a problem with Dana Holgerson then he should take that up with him. But there’s no reason to dislike Neal Brown or the WVU fans.

If IK Enemkpali is around and wants to knock some sense into Geno, I wouldn’t hate it.

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