Buyer Beware: Hollywood Brown

The 2019 draft starts on Thursday and by now you have probably heard that its not an offensive top heavy draft. Look no further then the quarterback board to see how divisive it is. Some mock drafts have Murray going number one, some have him sliding 10 picks. And even more divisive then the quarterbacks are the wide receivers.

D.K. Metcalf was the talk of the combine with his 2% body fat (I truly believe that number is grossly exaggerated) and his blazing 40 time with a 6’3” 228 pound frame. Things were trending great- till he ran the three cone. Then his stock plummeted because how could he possibly get open when his three cone was slower then Tom Brady’s? Well the complete opposite to that athlete is Marquise Brown.

Hollywood Brown measured in at 5’9” 166 pounds at the combine. He didn’t run the 40 because of a Lisfranc injury in his foot, but had he ran, it probably would have contended for the fastest 40 ever recorded. And we didn’t get to see him run the 3 cone either, but watch 5 minutes of game film to see that this guy changes directions better then anyone in college football.

I’m not against drafting Brown. I think he can be a solid piece for a team looking for depth. But buyer beware. A first round pick on a receiver of his style has proven not to be worth it down the road. Look at Tavon Austin or Ted Ginn. They both have solid, long careers, but neither has ever put up numbers at the receiver position consistently to justify their first round draft status. One season Ginn caught 10 touchdowns. His next best season he had 5. Tavon Austins best season was 970 total yards and 9 total touchdowns, but that season is an outlier from the rest of his career.

If you’re spending a first round pick on a wide receiver you need to find as complete a receiver as possible. Although Metcalf is certainly limited in his route tree, you can do more with a receiver of his size then a receiver like Brown. If I had to take one of these receivers in the first, give me Metcalf. If Brown falls to the second and you already have a true number one wide out, give me Brown. And that’s assuming that doctors are saying this injury wont be a problem when he comes back. But too many undersized speedy gadget players have been drafted high only to under perform.

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