Notre Dame Mentioned in Financial Allegations with Michigan and Alabama

Louis “Marty” Blazer, a Pennsylvania-based financial advisor, testified in federal court that he paid college football players at Pittsburgh, Penn State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Alabama and North Carolina in hopes of retaining them as clients once they reached the NFL.

A very serious testimony came out a short while ago against some of college footballs biggest schools. Marty Blazer was in court for the college basketball scandals that have been going on when he explained how and why he was paying football players.

Mike Leach gets it, and basic math.

Its way to early to say what this means for any of the programs involved. Paying a player is illegal and if proven would probably force a school to vacate wins. But beyond that, if you can prove that the school had any knowledge of it, it would be loss of scholarships, postseason bans, or maybe even worse. So for now, best case scenario is Marty Blazer is lying. Worst case is that Notre Dame knew about it the whole time.

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