The Clubhouse Leader For QB1

Going into the spring camp the quarterback battle was primarily between two guys, with a third on the outside looking in. The two at the front were Austin Kendall and Jack Allison, with Trey Lowe lll trying to make a name for himself.

But after the spring game, there is one QB that stands apart from the rest:

Austin Kendall.

Kendall showed great a deep ball and good pocket awareness. His long touchdown pass to TJ Simmons was obviously a busted coverage which led to the big score, and to nit pick it was actually his worst throw of the day. Simmons had to readjust to the ball which slowed him down allowing the defense to catch up to him. But you can look past that when it ends up as a score regardless. His other two deep throws were great jump balls, giving his recievers a chance to make a play on them. And although he isn’t known as a duel threat quarterback, he showed the mobility to keep plays alive and avoid sacks, even running one in for a touchdown.

The other big factor in Kendall pulling away as the starter, was ball control. Lowe and Allison each threw an interception, both of which were very poor decisions. Allison also fumbled a snap but was able to recover it himself. The Mountaineers have the best running back duo in the entire Big 12, and a key component to this offense is going to be getting them the ball. Turnovers wont help that.

Lastly, Austin Kendall played for three seasons under Lincoln Riley. Thats huge because it means when he stepped on campus at West Virginia he wasn’t behind any of the other quarterbacks because he didn’t know the play book. Riley and Neal Brown both played in college for Mike Leach, and obviously Dana Holgorson worked under Leach for years. They all learned the Air Raid offense from him. This means that the time Allison had with Dana, and the time Kendall had with Riley, will carry over to their next chapter with Brown.

Who do you think will be the next starting quarterback for the Mountaineers? And when do you think it will be announced? Comment below and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more West Virginia coverage.

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