West Virginia Has a QB Problem

Like most of the country, West Virginia had their Spring game this weekend. Playing in front of 18,865 fans, the third largest in school history, many came out to kick off the new era. The only problem was average to below average QB play.

Replacing Will Grier is no easy task and the Mountaineers are feeling that. Austin Kendall opened the day as the starting QB and while he flashed at times, it wasn’t a great product. Jack Allison was the second QB in and his play didn’t seem any better.

It wasn’t all terrible and this isn’t all doom and gloom for West Virginia in 2019. Replacing a player like Grier and bringing in a new coach is going to cause some issues. The Spring game is also designed to help the defense out. There were plenty of air sacks that ruined plays that could have likely been avoided.

But with all of the excuses and explanations, West Virginia has to be concerned. Austin Kendall was supposed to be the guy coming in. There was hype coming from Lincoln Riley and sitting behind two Heisman Trophy winners. But this isn’t the debut you would like to see. For a team that plays in the highest scoring conference, you would like the output to be a bit more.

The season is still a long way off and this is a lot of firsts for everyone. West Virginia also has plenty of bright spots to take in as well and 2019 shouldn’t be a disaster. Any time you lose as much talent as the Mountaineers did, it is tough to bounce back from. With plenty of QB options on the roster and Coach Brown thinking about long term as well, the right QB could show up in a matter of time.

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