Fields Unimpressive in Spring Game

One of the most talked about players in college football players showcased with his new team and the results were unimpressive. It was never really a question that Fields would earn the starting spot. Most even thought he would be one of the most electric players in college football in 2019.

Fileds went 4-13 with 131 yards and a touchdown with another 38 yards on the ground and a score. The big problem with that stat line is almost all of it came from one play.

As electric and fun as it is to see a 98 yard touchdown, that is an incredibly rare play. Take that play out of the mix and Fields is 3-13 for 33 yards. But Fields also impressed on the ground and that is something that fans expected. 40 yards and a touchdown is an impressive stat line for limited work in a game that doesn’t allow QB contact.

For any overreaction or panic talk, the Spring game means little. Everything is very vanilla and Fields is learning a new system since his transfer. Once camp rolls around and he gets more time to mesh, the accuracy and numbers will improve. As great as Fields was out of high school, this is a kid with zero career starts. It may be unimpressive in April but it really matters what he does in November.

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