Don’t Write Jurkovec Off Yet

The 90th Blue and Gold game wrapped up earlier today and it was a good chance to see football again. There was a lot to love and some areas that needed work. It’s the Spring so this is all to be expected. But a few fans really hammered home that Jurkovec was a bust because he struggled, but don’t write him off just yet.

Jurkovec completed 14 of 20 passes in the first half for 122 yards. Not a bad stat line but he was also credited with getting sacked 11 out of the 14 times. His throwing motion was noticeable with a slow delivery and he looked uncomfortable at times. This was all pointed out by a handful of fans with comments of Jurkovec being overrated and no good.

Chip Long made a comment comparing Ian Book to Phil Jurkovec. “One’s on advanced calculus, the other one is still getting past algebra right now,” Jurkovec still has plenty of time to grow and develop. Everyone bought in to him being the next best thing, myself included, and wrote Ian Book off. Book had a bad game in the playoff. But a former three star with less than a season of starts under his belt would likely struggle. Clemson made Tua look pedestrian so why would we be so down on Book?

Book and Claypool looked impressive throughout the Spring game together and Book was able to turn it loose. Jurkovec had moments that flashed potential but he isn’t there yet. He is a redshirt Freshman so to write him off over a bad Spring game is nonsense.

The Spring game is great to see some football again but it means little. The offense and defense don’t show much, players are getting use to new positions and they’re still working on timing and chemistry. Jurkovec still has a lot of work today. But just because the former scout team QB last season isn’t Brady Quinn doesn’t mean he should be tossed aside.

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