Georgia Bulldogs – A Tale of Two Quarterbacks

The Georgia Bulldogs have experience and depth and quarterback.

 (Athens, Ga) – As the Bulldogs go into spring practice, there is one starting position that has absolutely no questions or concerns, the starting quarterback. Jake Fromm is the undisputed leader of the team and the current face of the Georgia Bulldogs. Entering his third season, he has staked his claim and only has winning on his mind.

While Fromm has put together to spectacular back-to-back seasons, his job security has never been guaranteed. As a freshman, he was a backup to Jacob Eason, who’s injury in the first game showed the Bulldog faithful the kind of quarterback he is. Last season, he was the starter, but the buzz seemed to be more around 5-star back up Justin Fields than it was Fromm. For this first time, this is his team and his year.

If you look back, Fromm has only had two bad games in his career, both SEC losses on the road, one to Auburn in 2017 and one to LSU last year. You have to admire someone who came to Georgia knowing there was a five-star (Eason) ahead of him but came to compete at the highest level. While it is to be seen how things would have played out if Eason had not gotten injured early in 2017, those comparisons aren’t relevant anymore. Remember, not only was Eason a 5-star himself, but he had a successful freshman year in 2016 himself.

Even though they would lose to Alabama in the 2018 SEC Championship game, no one left the field with more respect from the Alabama coaching staff than Fromm. So this is it, this is his year.  He has beaten Florida, Auburn and Tennessee twice in his career and has a road win at South Bend on his resume as well. This year, the mountains to conquer are the Everest of college football, Alabama and the championship.

With his draft stock on the rise this could be his last season at Georgia. Fromm will leave Athens as one of the best of all time.

But, who will be the #2 quarterback. His past two back-ups are now starters elsewhere. Eason will be the starter for the Washington Huskies and Fields in the mix at Oho State, who will be the next man up if the unthinkable happens to Fromm.

While backups quarterbacks usual only get mentioned when the starter is doing poorly, Bulldog backup Stetson Bennett has a story that needs to be shared as well. Like Fromm, Bennett came to Georgia with the knowledge that Eason was already there, but he came to compete. While he was fourth string behind Fromm, Eason and senior Brice Ramsey in 2017, he became the star of the scout team. After Georgia’s win over Oklahoma  in the Rose Bowl, many of the defensive players, guys who play in the NFL now, credited Bennett for their preparation for the game. While perhaps an exaggeration, they even went on to say that Bennett was better than Baker Mayfield.

Bennett was encouraged to stay last year, but instead transferred to Jones County Community College in Ellisville, Mississippi where he continued to perfect his craft as a quarterback. After some of the conjecture at seasons end with Field’s status, Bennett showed up at the last minute on Georgia’s 2019 signee class. While Bennett is not Jake Fromm, he is extremely talented, knows the offense and knows how to compete, which is high on Kirby Smart’s list.

While most would hate to see it, because it would mean an injury to Fromm, the Dogs could still realistically win the SEC East and get to the SEC championship under Bennett’s leadership. It will be exciting to see how the season plays out.

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