Spring Practice Brings Unexpected Changes

Spring practice is kicking off and we get to hear from Coach Kelly for the first time since the playoff loss. This is also the first look at some Freshman and to see who has grown while others get left behind. With the growth also comes change, some expected, some not so much.

Most notable was the move fro running back to defensive back for Avery Davis. Davis served in a minimal role as a Freshman running back but looked like he would serve as the third running back in the rotation in 2019. Davis had his struggles but was also a quarterback in college so the move would take time. With him headed to the defensive side it will hopefully mean there is real promise in the younger guys like C’Bo Flemster. If there wasn’t a serious push, Davis would have likely had more time to grow and learn the position.

Running back Avery Davis is moving to defesive back for the 2019 season

When asked about the move, Coach Kelly mentioned, “Comparing him to all the other defensive backs, it just made sense for us to find an opportunity for him,” Kelly said. “We moved him there and he moves so well. He’s got really good football instincts. We think he has a real chance.”

That has to be a good feeling for Davis to get some positive feedback about his athletic ability after a tough 2018 season. Running back may not have worked out but he has plenty of time to figure it out.

Other notable changes included Sophomore Houston Griffin moving from saftey back to corner and Asmar Bilal will move inside from the rover position. Senior receiver Javon McKinley will not practice at all until his current legal situation is sorted out. McKinley was charged with three misdemeanors after an altercation with campus police last month. Also it was recently announced that saftey Devin Studsill will enter the transfer portal.

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