Big 12 and PAC-12 Merger: Could it Save Them?

Could merging the Big 12 and the PAC-12 make each conference more relevant?

This was nothing more than an idea thrown out there by former Kansas State president Jon Wefald and current West Virginia president Gordon Gee. To sum it up, both PAC-12 and the Big 12 would play their conference games and all out of conference games would be played against each other. At the end of the season the best team from each conference would play in a championship game. This seems like a good idea to make both conferences more relevant, but it is worth it?

Going Through Changes

This all seems like too much panic for the PAC-12 slipping in recent years. This also pops up when the Big 12 has been on their way up which is the main reason to avoid this all together. College football goes through changes and every decade brings something new. Alabama was a .500 team before Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa and Miami was one of the most dominant teams ever in the early 2000’s. Believe it or not, Alabama is going to lose Saban and be mediocre one day. Changing the dynamic over a few years of mediocrity wouldn’t be worth the repercussions for the Big 12 or the PAC-12.

Cy-Hawk Trophy
The Cy-Hawk Trophy would be left on the shelf under the new conference rules

The Drawbacks

Iowa and Iowa State would lose their rivalry, West Virginia and Pitt would be gone as well. College football is built on rivalries and even if it isn’t quite Auburn-Bama, it still means more. Unless they are giving us USC and Texas every year, what would we really get out of it, more so what would they get out of it? I understand looking for ratings and extending your reach for recruiting but does anyone want UCLA and Baylor?

Another point would be the winner of both conferences would be a lock to make the playoff. But the playoff is growing and will have more then four teams in sooner rather then later. That and both conferences have had a team in the playoff in recent years.

Is It Worth It?

Blowing up rivalries and making one giant conference isn’t the answer. It would be drowning the middle of the pack teams and giving us a few good games a year. The out of conference games have already been incredible the last seasons. Sure most of the SEC will continue to play FCS schools but we don’t need one super conference. I fully support change if it betters the game but killing rivalries and chances at underdogs is a waste. The PAC-12 will bounce back and the Big 12 has been getting more competitive yearly. Leave it as is and let the college football community find its balance as it always does.

Let us know what you think below! Would you prefer things stay the same or would you welcome the two combining?

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