Haskins or Murray, Which QB is the Better Prospect?

The NFL draft is coming up and the combine is right around the corner. Haskins or Murray are expected to go early but which one is the better prospect out of college?

Murray is the Heisman Trophy winner and chose football, giving back the signing bonus to the Athletics. He has all the star power and athletic ability that you look for in a top draft pick. He also has the highlight reel that jumps off the page. With that said, Haskins is the better pick.

The Case for Haskins

EAST LANSING, MI – NOVEMBER 10: Dwayne Haskins #7 of the Ohio State Buckeyes signals teammates while playing the Michigan State Spartans in the first half at Spartan Stadium on November 10, 2018 in East Lansing, Michigan. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Dwayne Haskins slid under the radar in the 2018 season. It wasn’t that nobody knew who he was, more so that he was under appreciated. Haskins started one season and holds more then 20 Ohio State records and four Big Ten Conference records. He finished the season with 50 passing touchdowns and over 4,800 passing yards, both good for first in the country. Haskins also played against high end defenses on his way to his record breaking season.

The Big-12 isn’t quite known for its defense. 2018 finished with two Big-12 defenses finishing in the top 50 in yards allowed per game. The Big Ten had three teams in the top ten. Haskins also played against five defenses in the top 50, one more then Murray.

But the stats are not the reason to drive home the point that Haskins is the right pick. All of that was just to give him some deserved praise. Murray is a hell of a QB and this isn’t a slight against him. Haskins is the mold that you want when creating an NFL QB. He can read a defense, strong arm, accurate and is athletic to move when needed. Murray is clearly the better athlete but his size is an issue.

This isn’t a knock on Murray’s height either. There are enough stats to show smaller quarterbacks can succeed. This is looking at Murray’s body type and playing style. While there are a host of smaller quarterback succeeding, there is also a track record of running quarterbacks getting hurt. Cam Newton is a physical freak and has had trouble staying healthy, RG3 seemed promising until injuries derailed his career. (That among other things)

Murray could be the second coming of Michael Vick. This isn’t calling him a bust or he is too small to play in the NFL. When looking at Haskins or Murray it comes down to Haskins fitting the mold and proving he can be a Ben Roethlisberger type. Athletic enough to escape a collapsing pocket and able to play against high end defense. Murray could easily succeed in the right system, Haskins has a feel that he could succeed in any system. While Murray could take the NFL by storm next season, look for Haskins to hae the more established career.

Would you rather rake Haskins or Murray for the next ten years? Let us know below!

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