The Downfall Of USC – What’s Next?

Clay Helton is having the offseason from hell. Kliff Kingsberry was supposed to be the savior but he is on to greener pastures. Apparently, getting fired in college makes you capable of running an NFL franchise.. So I guess that’s the way it goes for USC. The loss of Kingsberry surely triggered the downfall of USC.

In this climate USC has been hemorrhaging recruits and all seems bleak in Southern California. When the 2018 season wrapped, it looked like Helton was on his way out. But USC AD, Lynn Swan, thought keeping Helton on staff was their best bet. Kingsbury signed on and recruits took notice of the new OC. But Kingsbury stuck around just long enough to swing through In-N-Out before he left for Arizona. Recruits started flipping from USC and now they have no future at offensive line . All of this comes after Helton had one of the worst seasons for USC in the last 20 years. You could say the downfall of USC has been a long time coming but not all hope is lost – so what’s next?

Clay Helton may be in over his head at USC
Clay Helton

USC And Moving On

From all of the talk around college football, Clay Helton is a great guy- but I think it is fair to say that the USC job is a bit more then he can handle. To prevent the complete downfall of USC, they need to cut ties and move on before they tank themselves even longer.

It is all relative when looking at USC’s recruiting woes. They did still have a top 20 class in 2019. But they finished third in PAC-12 recruiting and didn’t sign a single five star recruit. That is the first time in 17 years that has happened. So while the blue bloods are making their comeback, USC is falling by the wayside. Stanford was on spot behind them while Michigan, Notre Dame and Nebraska were well above them. Texas is on their way back and Alabama isn’t giving up ground. Washington and Oregon brought in better classes and Washington State is impressing most.

There are plenty of quality coaches available and their are no excuses for USC to struggle. Coach Campbell at Iowa State, Neal Brown formerly of Troy and now West Virginia, they can find ways to win. If USC wants to return to glory it is time to make a change. Hiring people because of USC ties clearly hasn’t worked and the Lynn Swan project has been less then expected. Southern California should never be a place that struggles to get 18 year olds to commit to.

USC will continue to schedule one of the tougher schedules in the nation. Things will not grow easier for the Trojans and until they make a change, you’ll see a lot more of the same.

Potential Coaches For USC

Dino Babers

Babers has been doing an impressive job at Syracuse. Whether it was beating Clemson or finishing the season ranked with a win over West Virginia, the country has taken notice. He has returned to Syracuse and 2019 will not be the year he will be in Southern California. But the Trojans clearly need a leader they can believe in as well as someone to turn a program around. As a native upstate New Yorker, recruiting and winning at Syracuse isn’t easy. Given the facilities and backing of a national; power house like USC and the sky could be the limit.

Chris Petersen

USC fans will be familiar with this name. The Washington Huskies coach has made quite a name for himself. He has brought Washington back to prominence and even has a playoff berth on his resume. As the PAC-12 has started to fall behind, Petersen has done everything he can to keep it relevant. Familiar with the PAC-12 and recruiting in California would make him a great fit. While he has a great job and seems happy in Washington, USC is a universally wanted job. Back the Brinks truck up and pay for your coach. Harbaugh, Saban and Meyer are perfect examples of what can happen when you spend on a coach.

Matt Campbell

I throw him in just because he is a hot name at a small school. Matt Campbell continues to sign extensions and seems to love being at Iowa State. He seems to be the new P.J. Fleck and it is becoming a guessing game at who will lure him away. This falls under the same category as Chris Petersen, pay the man. Making it difficult to say no financially and a Southern California lifestyle is a hell of a pitch. The football world has become obsessed with the hot, young coach in the past few years. While it is unlike to convince Coach Campbell to leave Iowa, USC is closing in on panic mode.

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