Is There A Blues-Bruins Trade In The Works?

Vladimir Tarasenko, Brayden Schenn, both?

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It appears that the St Louis Blues were interested in the Bruins-Canadiens game last Monday. Were they just preparing for their upcoming contest with the Bruins? Or(r) is there something bigger going on here?

Like many fans, I have been speculating why the Bruins have been making recent changes to their roster like the waiving of Colby Cave and recall of Peter Chelarik. I believed the Bruins were simply trying to switch things around to better support Krejci; but with this new information, I suspect the St. Louis Blues are interested in a trade with Beantown. This is purely speculation, and I am not the first person who has come up with these ideas, but here is what I think could happen.

The Bruins may be looking to acquire Brayden Schenn and or Vladimir Tarasenko. The Blues are likely looking to trade considering they are second to last in the western conference. A team like that will be looking to rebuild, and who better to target than the Bruins, who are up to their gills in fresh young talent. This also makes sense for the Bruins as they are about one power forward away from being a serious Stanley Cup contender. The addition of someone like Vladimir Tarasenko would be the perfect fit. Tarasenko has 29 points on the year which is impressive considering the team he is on. Schenn has 24 points and would undoubtedly be a solid addition, even if he’s not the same “caliber” of Tarasenko. Schenn has 1 more season on his contract and Tarasenko has 4 more. This makes them even better targets after Bruins GM, Don Sweeney, expressed his regret about his recent “rental” deal for Rick Nash. Scoring these players off the Blues would certainly come at a heft price, but maybe some AHL players and draft picks could sweeten the deal so the Bruins don’t “overpay”.

There is nothing concrete but surely its a possibility. To add, Cassidy plans on having Chelarik on the second line with Krejci in tonights game. As I’ve said previously, this could be the Bruins trying to build around Krejci, but it could also be the Bruins putting Chelarik in the best position to play good so they can use him as trade bait. Only time will tell, do you think we will see Tarasenko and or Schenn in the spoked B?

Go B’s

3 thoughts on “Is There A Blues-Bruins Trade In The Works?

  1. if they do give them donato and henien and backes and krug you get rid of three fowards that are useless and one d man that can’t play defense

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