Despite Many Counting Out Notre Dame, Vegas Says Otherwise

The line initially opened at -12 and stayed pretty quiet after opening. But as the game draws closer, the professional money has started to come in on Notre Dame.

“Moneyline bets for this game have certainly been stronger than on Oklahoma against Alabama. The public definitely thinks the Irish have a better shot at an upset than the Sooners,” he continued. “Clemson is -440 on the money line compared to Alabama who is -550 and Notre Dame money line at +350 is a big liability for us so far. (Via

I know some don’t like to look towards Vegas or even consider betting odds, but it proves a point. Unlike media outlets, professional gamblers don’t care about a bias or have an agenda against a team. The end game is just to win money.

So everyone has pretty much written Notre Dame off outside of the fan base and said they don’t belong.

Notre Dame being disrespected and listening to ESPN will be enough to swear off any talking heads theories. But not only is the Vegas money telling a different story, there are plenty of stats being ignored.

Clemson has trailed against every ranked team it played and they have never played a team in the top 25 of passing efficiency. Notre Dame comes in at four in passing efficiency and pass yards allowed per play. Notre Dame also has never trailed against any of the ranked teams they played.

This will be the toughest game for both teams this season but don’t buy into what ESPN and everyone on social media preaches. Because the professionals without the biases and livelihoods relying on being right are betting Fighting Irish.

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