Seattle’s Newest NHL Team

When you think of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, what do you think of? Lush evergreen forests, an abundance of wild sockeye salmon and steelhead trout, rich indigenous culture, a big city brought to you by Microsoft money? Maybe, but what the Pacific Northwest is really known for is its bigfoot sightings.



(concept art for the Seattle Squatch was done by Chris Reimer)

“Squatch” is short for sasquatch. It’s a term coined by bigfoot enthusiasts and experts and should be the name of the NHL’s newest team.

Just imagine the jerseys, mascot, no shave Novembers and wild playoff beards, 40 year old drunk guys dressed up as bigfoot cheering on a brand new NHL team; a beautiful sight for sure.

Vegas is actually taking bets on what this new team will be called. Unfortunately, The Seattle Squatch is not even in the running, but you never know. For now, here are some of the top names suggested by Vegas: Sockeyes, Totems, Metropolitans, Evergreens, and Steelheads. I do kind of like the Seattle Sockeye’s but apparently that’s already the name of a fictional Hockey team in a ladies romance novel..

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