Notre Dame Proves They Still Belong Ahead of Michigan

Senior Day did not disappoint in South Bend. Wimbush was the starter for the first time since week three and probably for the last time in his Notre Dame career. It was everything you would come to expect from Wimbush, but it was more then enough versus a reeling Florida State team.

Wimbush finished the game 12 of 25 with 130 yards and three touchdowns to two interceptions. Add in the 68 rushing yards and you have exactly what Wimbush has had throughout his career.

He wasn’t the best player out there but he did everything that was asked of him and played a part in beating the Seminoles. While it was great to see Wimbush get a win and have his team rally around him, this was a game Dexter Williams completely took over.

Williams had 20 carries for 202 yards and two touchdowns against the 17th ranked rush defense in the country. Just to show how impressive that is, this is how every other opponent has fared on the ground against Florida State.

Top individual rushing totals vs FSU defense by game in 2018: VT – 13 for 77 yards, Sam – 9 for 34, Syr – 19 for 75, NIU – 3 for 13, Lou – 14 for 70, Mia – 21 for 70, Wake – 21 for 71, Clem – 10 for 45, NCSt – 21 for 106.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, Williams is the first player to have over 200 yards rushing against Florida State since 1982. He has been up and down at point this season, but there was no question that he was on last night. But this brings me to the point about Michigan jumping Notre Dame. What can the committee and the country possibly say now?

The narrative has started that even with the head to head loss, Michigan is playing better and should jump Notre Dame. If you don’t count the head to head win and a bigger win over a common opponent, I guess you have an argument. That was, until Notre Dame to Florida State to the woodshed last night.

Michigan played Rutgers yesterday and were only up 21-7 at halftime. That Rutgers team is 1-9 right now and even losing 42-7, they hung around for a while. Meanwhile Notre Dame was up 32-6 at halftime and Dexter Williams did something nobody else has against the 17th ranked defense this season.

Not only was it a good win even if it was against a bad team, but this was done with the backup QB. Not to mention the Michigan win came when Williams wasn’t even available. This Notre Dame defense was lights out all night and the offense was moving with Wimbush at the helm. What seems like a meaningless game in November could be a solid selling point the next time someone tries to say Notre Dame doesn’t belong.

The blowout win finally happened that the Irish so desperately needed to stop the narrative. Ian Book will be back and had a week to get healthy and now it is on to Syracuse. A win against a top 15 Syracuse should but no doubt into anyone’s mind that Notre Dame belongs. That is until they call Syracuse overrated and tell everyone Ian Booker is no good.


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