Is Notre Dame Making the Playoff Enough

This is looking ahead assuming Notre Dame runs the table of course. But is a playoff berth enough?

This is a very talented and looks poised to make it to their first playoff appearance. But also looking ahead, where does Notre Dame sit compared to Alabama and Clemson?

Right now Notre Dame would be playing Clemson in the first round and that could be a toss up. Everyone is going to get ran over by Alabama, but the Irish could compete with everyone else. They have shown they can win but it also seems likely that a National Chamiponship is likely out of reach.

So what would be enough for the fans to feel satisfied with the 2018 season? Would a loss in the playoff against Clemson still be enough to call 2018 a good year. I think it would be a success.

Brian Kelly is on pace to have Notre Dame have back to back 10+ win seasons. That hasn’t been done at Notre Dame in quite a while. An undefeated regular season is also quite the accomplishment. While everyone wants to see Notre Dame raise the trophy, Alabama is on a different level.

On the flip side, I think Notre Dame needs to at least put up a good fight. Brian Kelly doesn’t have a major bowl win in his career. Another blowout loss in a big game would make this season feel useless.

So this is really to start the debate, what would makes this season a realistic success? Would an undefeated season be enough or are you not happy unless it ends with a trophy in hand?

Even if Notre Dame were to slip up were to slip up and go 11-1, they would still be in line for a New Years Six Bowl. Notre Dame is one of the best in the country and could definitely win a NYS Bowl game this season.

So what would be the best finish for the 2018 season? A possible big loss in a playoff or a possible New Years Six win and Kelly’s first big bowl win? Let us know below.

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