Notre Dame Wins, Why is it Being Looked Down On?

Lets just all take a breath for a second. Notre Dame walked away with a win against a good team tonight.

I’m not sure why people don’t think Northwestern was a talented team because they have wins over Wisconsin and Michigan State. They also took Michigan down to the wire and lost by three after holding a fourth quarter lead.

So at the moment of writing this, LSU is about to lose convincingly to Alabama as their down 22-0. Notre Dame will move up to number three and Michigan will be four. Northwestern isn’t some power house but they are a division leader and have been giving teams issues all season.

Some are saying this is a bad win, it isn’t, this doesn’t hurt Notre Dame. This was your typical Brian Kelly game with struggles and keeping it close until the end. If it wasn’t for that blocked punt, this game would have been all but over earlier.

I know how frustrating it is that Notre Dame had its sloppy moments, but that is who they are. They play to their competition and at this point, it is what I am willing to except with a Brian Kelly coached team.

Ian Book is undefeated as a starter and while he made a few questionable throws, he continued to string together a solid game. Miles Boykin did his thing and Chase Claypool went for over 100 yards.

The rushing attack struggled, but again, this is a top 30 defense and they played well tonight. It should be worth noting that when the running game struggles, Ian Book can keep the offense moving. He made a number of good throws and even though the team was out played at times, just like Pitt, they found a way to get the job done.

This season is one game at a time and Notre Dame just knocked another team off the list. This is a team that has now moved on to 9-0, this is a special year. It is still a grind the next few games, but this win should be celebrated, not criticized.

Let us know what you think below. Are you happy with this win or do you think it should have been a bigger blow out?


1 thought on “Notre Dame Wins, Why is it Being Looked Down On?

  1. Given the weather conditions, bad officiating and a few minor setbacks, I’m happy that we won rather than lost due to what was going against us. It wasn’t a blowout, whoever it could have been more convincing without the blocked punt.
    If Michigan, Clemson and Alabama wins out we’ll get the 3 spot, which is exactly where we want to be.

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