Notre Dame Could Make Playoff Expansion a Reality

The Power Five commissioner was ready for the question: How about Notre Dame in the playoff?

“I would refer you to the protocol,” the commish countered.

Well played, Mr. Commissioner. In that moment, you knew exactly what he was referring to. The College Football Playoff protocol adopted six years ago grandly states that “when circumstances at the margins indicate that teams are comparable …” one way to separate them is by: *championships won.

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The Playoff ranking came out this week for the first time this year and Notre Dame is sitting at four. It is a fair spot, even with some fans were upset Notre Dame was jumped by LSU. Notre Dame had a very strong schedule this year, until about two weeks ago. The schedule has not looked as strong as it once did but Notre Dame is still being respected as they sit at 8-0.

With Notre Dame in the mix, the committee could have a serious issue on their hands if Notre Dame runs the table. As of right now, three power five conference championship winners will be left out of the playoff. With that “championships won” being a criteria, Notre Dame being independent will be tough to explain to the schools left out.

If three championship winners get left out come seasons end, it could finally be time that the committee will have to pull the trigger on expanding the playoff. Some want eight while others would prefer to have 16 or more. Mike Leach had a great quote about this entire situation.


16 teams just feel like it would be too much.Right now that would mean Iowa going to Alabama which would just feel like a waste of time for everyone. Not that Iowa is a bad team but it isn’t uncommon for a MAC or Sunbelt team to slip into that 16-20 spot. Eight feels like that with all power five champions getting in and three at large teams.

Notre Dame needs to not only make it for the happiness I only get through sports, but to help the entire country out. Everyone wants an expanded playoff field but college football is always a step behind. They have been bragging about how well they have done with the playoff, not realizing that literally everyone has been asking for years for a playoff. I’m thankful that it finally happened but won’t hold my breath until we inevitably get an expansion. Hopefully Notre Dame can stay relevant to speed up the process.

Let us know what you think. Would you rather keep the system as is or expand the playoff?

3 thoughts on “Notre Dame Could Make Playoff Expansion a Reality

  1. I honestly think 6 is the way to go. Every power 5, and an at large. It gives the top 2 teams a bye week, and most people will be happy. Now, not every year every power 5 champion gets in, because let’s face it, there are some that may end up with 2 or 3 losses, and they shouldn’t have a chance. But I definitely think if expanding, go to 6 first.

  2. If the Irish are undefeated and don’t move the playoffs I will never watch college football again. That panel is a fu,.’&$ing joke!!!

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