How Does Notre Dame’s Resume Stack Up?

There seems to be some conversation going around from the “experts” about the top four. Out of the blue people are saying Michigan should be ranked higher then Notre Dame because of the win against Wisconsin.

I’m not going to go further and entertain that idea. Seeing how Michigan has one loss to Notre Dame and Notre Dame sits perfect. But it did get me thinking about how this season is starting to shape up and what Notre Dame’s resume looks like.

This was also before Purdue had pushed around Ohio State Saturday night. Most would think with Notre Dame being on a bye would only help them with a top four team losing. It doesn’t seem to be the case with some talking heads pushing Notre Dame out of the top four, being jumped by Michigan and LSU. While those two have had impressive rebounds following their losses, Notre Dame has quite the resume as well.

2018 Season

Notre Dame has gone 7-0 and has wins over three ranked AP Top 25 teams. The opponents of the Irish have beaten have a combined record of 28-23. That is a win percentage of 55% among them. This makes it one of the toughest schedules with the best win percentage in the country. For a comparison, Alabama has a win over one ranked opponent and their opponents carry a combined win percentage of 48%.

The committee has proven that big wins matter and that’s why UCF has struggled to garner respect. They continually go undefeated but play scrubs and then complain about being left off. The playoff wasn’t made for teams like them. The same thing that hurts UCF is what helps Notre Dame.

Year in and year out Notre Dame plays some of the toughest schedules in the country. ( Notre Dame Deserves More Credit For Yearly Schedule ) The thing that seems to trip me up is Notre Dame getting criticism for Pitt. Clemson almost loses to Syracuse and it isn’t an issue. Michigan and LSU have a loss but seem to be forgotten and jump Notre Dame.

Notre Dame doesn’t have a conference championship which hurts them but it has made up for it with a strong schedule. Clemson has beaten two ranked teams and beat Syracuse in the final minutes. Clemson doesn’t get questioned and it is what I still see as a fault with the playoff committee. There is a consistent bias and it doesn’t matter who a team plays or how they win. It comes down to an eye test which again seems to always have an SEC bias.

Notre Dame needs to buck one trend to change perception and leave no doubt. Start beating teams and running up the score because that is what everyone needs to see. Notre Dame has the media and the college football world against them so they need to erase all doubt. Everyone stated an undefeated Notre Dame was a playoff lock. They are now getting jumped by teams with a loss. A big win in Southern California could be the most important game of the season for Notre Dame. Not the only big game as a single loss will most likely knock them from the ranks. They don’t get the luxury of losing and staying in like so many other teams. Notre Dame needs to win and win big, something they struggle to do at times. Everyone is against them and they have to continue to prove them wrong one week at a time.

Let us know what you think below and how the future outlook is for Notre Dame. Is an undefeated Notre Dame a lock or will they end up on the outside looking in.



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