Rumor of Notre Dame Wearing Green for FSU


I only attached the one tweet but it has come from multiple accounts. Not saying this is true as an official account has not mentioned the green jerseys yet. It felt worth mentioning because Jersey talk is always a debate amongst fans.

Twitter has been pretty torn about whether the Jersey is a good idea or not.

Some feel that it is a good change of pace and like the color change. Personally, green just seems like it is always bad luck to me. It is the last home game for the Irish and I would prefer that keep it traditional.

This is a good point as well. Florida State might be down this year but they have serious talent still on the team. Giving them even more reasons to get up for Notre Dame.

They already roll jerseys out for the Shamrock Series every year so just keep it simple. No need to change things up and like I said, I like the tradition of home blues.

Let us know what you think about the jerseys. Is it something you welcome or would you like more of the same?

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