It is Now Notre Dame Against the World

Notre Dame enters their bye week sitting perfect at 7-0 and currently ranked fourth in the country. That is nails on a chalk board to everyone but Notre Dame fans. With Notre Dame back and in the middle of the college playoff debate, the Irish are now deemed “average” after Pittsburgh.

Just a few weeks ago everyone said Notre Dame was a top contender and even ESPN had positive things to say about the Irish. Then after struggling with Pitt, everyone is right back into trashing Notre Dame. Pitt is the same team and coached by the same head coach that has beaten a top five team the last two years. A team that has always played the Irish tough and the game came on a week when five ranked teams lost and another three just escaped a loss.

Notre Dame is a good team, not the best in the country, but a damn good team. Every team will have highs and lows throughout a season. The difference between average and good teams is the end result. When average teams struggle they fold and lose. When a good team struggles they find a way to win. Notre Dame struggled but showed composure and found a way to win.

Peter Burns has been on prodding at the Irish today. He covers the SEC and has a clear bias. I totally get it is fair to call Alabama the best in the country. I am not here to beat my chest and say Notre Dame is the best ever. But to talk about what was essentially a different team with Wimbush is unfair. The Irish currently have the second strongest strength of schedule of top 10 teams behind only LSU.

All of this doesn’t matter much because it is SEC talking heads bashing a non SEC team. Notre Dame has flaws but they still remain perfect. This is a very talented Irish team and like I said, they are not the best but they are competitive. Come seasons end and they could prove everyone outside of the Notre Dame faithful wrong.

On the flip side, if Notre Dame does end up losing, prepare yourself for everyone to rain down the “I told you so”. Sorry for the rant but I can’t look at my phone today without seeing the negativity. so here are a few reminders:

-Notre Dame has two wins over ranked teams and one more just outside the top 25.

-Remaining strength of schedule is 47th in the country. 

-The Irish defense currently sits at 22 in the nation in scoring defense and top 30 in overall defense.

-Since Notre Dame lost to Georgia they have gone 16-2(.888%). Only Alabama and Ohio State have better records over that time.

Notre Dame will continue to garner hate and that’s okay. This team has proven itself up to this point and just needs to continue one game at a time. It is a long season but the march to the playoff is very doable. Like I said earlier, every team struggles at some point, good teams find a way to win.


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