What Notre Dame Should do with Brandon Wimbush

Ian Book now runs this years offense. Wimbush was forced to hand the keys over for the Wake Forest game and Book hasn’t looked back.

But Wimbush is without a doubt an above average athlete and I would say, as a QB, an elite runner. While leading the Irish offense isn’t in the cards for him, it is pretty much known that Wimbush will finish out the season at Notre Dame.

There was never much doubt, but if there was this tweet from Wimbush’s mother, Heather Wimbush, should reaffirm what we already thought.

Wimbush has been a model teammate and he isn’t going anywhere so it feels like a waste to just leave him on the bench the rest of the season. Good new for Coach Kelly is that he doesn’t have to come up with a blue print. There is already a similar situation going on for the New Orleans Saints.

Taysom Hill is technically third on the Saints depth chart but he is playing a lot more then the back up, Teddy Bridgewater. Hill has been put in a few packages to run read options, goal line plays, fake punts and even special teams and running back work.

I’m not saying Wimbush and Hill are identical but Hill was a QB at BYU before ending up on the Saints. He is incredibly athletic but struggles at times with accuracy and decision making. Sound familiar?

While I do think he is an elite runner, Wimbush probably wouldn’t have the durability to be a receiver or running back for an entire game or a season. But I do think having 10 or so plays, either getting touches or as a decoy, could help open up the offense even more. That and getting the ball into a play makers hands never hurts.

I also don’t want to see Wimbush trying to block punts. I’m just saying that having two QBs in the game can cause serious issues. We have seen what Wimbush can do in space.


This was just two quick examples but Irish fans have watched this since he first ripped off a long run his first game against UMass a few years ago. Now imagine having someone that could be a difference maker by running, catching or even passing the ball on any given play. All that but Book is still the leader and it isn’t all on Wimbush to lead an offense for 60 minutes. This is where even him being a decoy could help free someone else up for Book to find or take players out of the box for Dexter Williams.

To show some examples of how it works with Taysom Hill I’ll attach a few videos below.

This is a good example and even mentioned by Tony Romo, plays like this catch the defense off guard and lets the offense have multiple options. What I am proposing isn’t putting Wimbush in for 20-25 plays a game, but simply working him in here and there. Not every play has to go to Wimbush when he enters the game, keep the defense honest but make them uncomfortable. The play above is a simple read option that only involves reading the defensive end. A play Wimbush could do in his sleep and has shown he executes it well. That is something he could do probably better then Book because of his athleticism and speed.

Another play from the same game involving a fake punt. There is nothing special here but also a play I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting into the hands of my fullback. This is a bit of stretch as the Irish don’t even run this protection on punt team and I wouldn’t know how Wimbush would fair throwing a block. But I thought it was worth pointing out as Wimbush wouldn’t have to be limited to just read options and being a decoy. We have seen that Wimbush is capable of making great throws at times but struggles over the course of a game. Put into the right opportunity would benefit Wimbush and the offense. A defensive coordinator would now be asking his secondary to be ready fro Book to throw or Wimbush to take off and/or also throw. Nobody complains about too many play makers.

Overall I don’t know what Brian Kelly will end up doing with Wimbush. It just seems like a waste of talent to not use the rest of the year. BK made the right call with the QB change, I am not doubting that in the slightest. But Wimbush is, at the very least, an above average athlete and deserves touches one way or another.

With Wimbush not seeing action even after Notre Dame started to pull away last week I think we will see him in the mix against Virginia Tech. Notre Dame still has the Miami game on their mind from last season. ( I also talked about that here ) Even if the players are not thinking about last years enviornment, Brian Kelly sure is.

Wimbush could be the big play the Irish need if they start slow or “Enter Sandman” is just to much for the Irish to handle. Between being a night game with two ranked opponents or legendary coach Frank Beamer there for his statue. Virginia Tech will be rocking Saturday night. Whether Wimbush plays or not, lets just hope Notre Dame is ready.

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3 thoughts on “What Notre Dame Should do with Brandon Wimbush

  1. Brandon will be more suited in coming in and running the wildcat mixed with a few passes he’s a great athlete. And put him in at slot maybe 5-10 carries a game to give Dex a blow.

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