Virginia Tech Starting to feel Like a Trap Game for the Irish

Struggling/hurt team, big win for the Irish the week before, prime time away game and their hall of fame coach will be in attendance for a ceremony. This feels like it is going to hurt.

I want to stay positive and believe this is a top five team this year but that voice in the back of my head will not go away. “They have done this before, they will crush your hopes again.”

As much as I can believe in the Irish and  the excitement that has come with the big win last weekend, we have seen this in the Brian Kelly era. A team riding high with momentum only to fall flat against a team they should beat.

While Miami wasn’t a team the Irish were expected to roll last season, the results were still shocking. A nationally televised away game with the Irish looking like real contenders. We all know how it ended.

While this is not the same teams and Virginia Tech doesn’t have as much talent as that Miami team, there is still one catalyst. Coach Kelly.

whether it was Tulsa, Navy, Duke, South Florida or one of the other bad losses in the BK era, this game has all the makings. VT lost their starting QB, has a loss to Old Dominion and has lost a few key players to injury or dismissal the last few weeks. To add to all of this, VT announced they would bring in Frank Beamer for his statue reveal.

This could be Virginia Tech’s Super Bowl with Miami being the only other real threat on the schedule the rest of the season. That and having a top 10 team on the National stage adds into it all. With the above mentioned, adding in A struggling/injured team that the Irish should roll is the makings of an upset. Add in the fact they are coming off the biggest win of the season and it spells out coming out flat.

To not be all doom and gloom, this team plays with real poise with Ian Book at the helm. This is a new year and a new team which hopefully means different results. Book proved himself last week and this defense doesn’t have to answer to anyone as they have but on quite the performance all year. While VT is not what they seemed preseason, they still have talent and solid recruits. This isn’t Tulsa shocking the Irish, even with the player issues of late, VT has real talent. They did just beat a ranked Duke team last week to rebound from the ugly Old Dominion loss.

Kelly doesn’t need to be told how important it is for the Irish to come prepared and attack the Hokies early and often. That or just rising to the occasion instead of playing down to their talent.

Hell, as I write this I can’t help but put full faith in Notre Dame. Even with everything shaping up for another BK collapse, I am ready to get hurt again. This team is new and Book seems to be legit. I’ll probably end up angry drinking through this game but It doesn’t mean I won’t be as upbeat until the bitter end.

Go Irish.

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