What Happens Next with Urban Meyer. Is Notre Dame a Possibility?

I try to keep this as close to being strictly Notre Dame as I can, but this is just too big a story. News broke that Meyer is being put on  paid administrative leave following the incident with an assistant coach in 2015. Story is he allegedly knew about an assistant coaching that beat his wife and kept quiet on it. If what has been said is true, there’s no excuse for it and he should go the way of Jim Tressel.

Now looking at the question in the title, would Notre Dame be a landing spot. Full disclosure, as mentioned before, if true he shouldn’t be allowed to work in football again. I pose this question based on what I’ve seen online from other Irish fans and thought I’d give my take. Not only shouldn’t he be, but i don’t see any way Notre Dame gambles with him if he is fired. Notre Dame tries to put themselves in a positive light, even more so then others. This would be a PR nightmare. Winning can hide a lot of things, but there’s an extent to how much it will hide. I don’t see any way he would end up at Notre Dame. Kelly might be less than a fan favorite but Meyer isn’t the answer. I don’t see Meyer coming out of this in a positive light, but I’ve seen crazier things.(Bobby Petrino)

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