Should Brian Kelly Stay Head Coach at Notre Dame

Check any message board or scroll through twitter and you’re bound to see some Kelly hate. The coach has definitely had some ups and downs throughout his tenure which has had some of the fan base calling for his job. While my personal thought of Kelly is generally positive, I understand why others want him out. Kelly seems to struggle in the big games late in the season. The Irish cruise through the schedule until November rolls around and it seems every game becomes questionable for Notre Dame. On the flip side, he brought the Irish to a BCS Championship game in 2012. Kelly has also gone to a bowl game seven times at ND, sitting currently at a 4-3 record. On top of that he sits with almost a .600 win percentage coaching Notre Dame at 48-34. ( Adding in the vacated wins from 2012-2013 seasons would put him over .600.)

Tell us what you think in the comments below or on twitter @casualfball. Should the Irish move on or stay with Kelly? If you think Kelly should be fired than who would you like to see take over at ND?

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