Taking A Look at the Josh Adams Replacement.

We all witnessed 33 trucking and the Heisman hype last year, but it’s time to look forward to 2018. With Josh Adams leaving a year of eligibility behind and heading to the NFL, I figured it was time to take a look at this years depth chart. While losing 1,531 yards of offense will be tough to recreate, the Irish are in safe hands.

Dexter Williams, the junior out of Florida could be the next great Irish back. While only toting the ball 39 times in 2017, he had some eye popping numbers with his few opportunities.Williams averaged 6.5 yards a carry and added four touchdowns last season. While the season stats seem unimpressive, it’s more so how he did it. I added a highlight tape just to show how truly explosive he can be.(skip to the 55 second mark)

Williams can be an absolute stud this upcoming season. As great as Adams was, the offensive line hid some of his flaws. It isn’t a surprise to anyone that he wasn’t the fastest, or most athletic on the field. He also wasn’t known to aggressively hit the hole. I don’t totally knock him for this because patience can be a good thing, but i also don’t totally discredit it. The issue was his hesitance would result in being stuffed at the line or a loss of yards when something didn’t open up. playing behind two first round picks can cover a lot of these issues for a while. Calling it running out of steam if you want, but it felt like teams just figured out Notre Dame down the stretch. While that’s not all put on Adams shoulders, some has to be pushed onto him. While Adams was great for stretches last year, Williams should thrive all season long.

Williams has that explosiveness that is always exciting to watch and he can cut on a dime. As long as Williams can keep him self north and south, he could be in for a big year. Obviously there’s factors that play into this.

You can see here as well the explosiveness and vision he possesses. If Wimbush can continue to progress and become a good enough passer, or if the offensive line can continue its dominant ways, it could spell big for Williams. That is, if Brian Kelly lets him on the field. Sources close to the situation are saying Williams could be missing a few games due to internal reasons. At Notre Dame that could be anything from grades to extra-curricular activities outside of school. While Kelly hasn’t said one way or another if Williams will be there Sept. 1, the Irish should be in good hands in the short term. While tony Jones Jr. has only a few carries in his career, we’ve seen time and again, the coaches at Notre Dame can string something together until November rolls around. It also doesn’t hurt to have Ball St. follow Michigan early in the season.

Let us know what you think below about Williams and the upcoming season.

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