Dave Aranda Is Confident In Young Defense

As we head into 2020, the Baylor Bears face an undeniable challenge. Baylor’s defense will return only return only 3 starts, and have a brand new head coach and defensive coordinator. At first I was pretty concerned about this. After doing some more research on Aranda, it became clear he won’t allow Baylor to fall too far behind defensively, even in year 1. In fact, Aranda is confident in his 2020 defense.

Aranda On The Bears

While I feel slightly more optimistic about Baylor’s D, Dave Arana is fired up. Earlier this week he expressed his excitement with ESPNU radio on Siruis XM. Aranda praised the young talent and didn’t seem to worry about the lack of experience.

“I feel really good about the secondary,” Aranda said. “We’ve got some really good length at corner. I think we’ve got some guys with flexibility at safety. They can be down and can be back whether they’re playing the half or the post. Some good guys that I think are not just down and not just back guys. We can move them around and potentially get them into the box too. It’s a 3-4 defense, but essentially a 3-5 defense with the spread and speed on offense. The safety flexibility is going to be key.”

That’s not all he felt good about..

Aranda went on, I feel really good about the linebackers we have. Terrel Bernard is one. He’s going to have a breakout year. Our system and structure is really made to showcase linebackers and give them an opportunity to rush the passer and disrupt blocking schemes. I think that finding daylight in that, Terrel has an opportunity in that. Defensive line wise, there’s a lot of talent, a lot of length and a lot of ability there. We have to practice. They’re very raw. There’s not a lot of snaps amongst them. We have to manufacture that and build on a foundation and get them going where we want them to go.”

So it looks like Aranda is confident in his defense despite the inexperience. While I’m gonna need to see them play before I’m convinced their defense will be great, this is good to hear if you’re a Bears fan.

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