5 Star RB To TCU Rumor Growing

Update: Zachary Evans has committed to TCU. Related Article:Confirmed: 5-Star RB Zachary Evans To TCU

Zach Evans had one of the weirder recruiting processes we have seen in some time.

From his secret commitment to Georgia, to getting his release, to not signing anywhere on signing day. The talented five star was a player without a team and then the Covid shutdown made his recruitment even more strange.

While nothing concrete has come out, rumors are growing. Reports from Twitter and 247’s TCU message board suggest Zach Evans will head to TCU.

via HornedFrogBlitz
via HornedFrogBlitz

Again, this isn’t a sure thing but makes sense based on where he lives and played in high school. Tennessee was thought to be the favorite soon after signing day but nothing has come out recently.

While Evans is an elite talent. He has had some minor issues that would end up leading to this moment. He was sent home from his high school championship game over a cellphone issue. Also waiting longer to commit had teams looking for other options so they wouldn’t be left out in the cold.

With how strange everything has been, it won’t feel like a sure thing until he suits up and plays somewhere. However, it looks like TCU could be about to sign major addition.

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