TCU Falling Behind In Recruiting

TCU recruiting has been off to a slow start in 2021. They had a talented 2020 recruiting class that ranked third in the Big 12 according to 247 Sports. They also just led the way in the NFL Draft and had two guys go in the first round. Now the 2021 class isn’t finding that same success early on.

Recruiting Impact

Worrying about a recruiting class eight months before the first signing day would be a waste. The problem with the 2021 class is the strange times we currently face and what it could mean for recruits and schools.

We could see more kids stay closer to home because Covid has likely changed the way we look at the world moving forward. Clemson just had the top recruit in the country decommit after deciding he wanted to stay closer to home.

The initial thought is how great that would be for TCU to get better access to Texas talent. However they have to also fight against some of the biggest names in college football. While TCU already has to recruit against the blue bloods, they now have to do it without getting recruits on campus or seeing kids in person. It is an uphill battle for TCU in a regular year, now they have to compete in these tough times with schools that have vastly larger recruiting budgets.

Compound these issues with the fact that they have the fewest commits in the Big 12 and currently sit at 10th on 247 Sports. Schools like Baylor and Texas Tech already have 7+ commits in their classes. With the lack of travel, or kids already committed to a hometown team, likely aren’t going to leave. Furthermore, looking at the crystal ball predictions for TCU shows them on the outside looking in for most of their top prospects. They return plenty of talent and they have strong leadership with Coach Patterson . On the other side, TCU lost a ton of NFL talent and this could have a major impact in the next few years. While it seems like to early to stress about this, TCU is slowly falling behind.

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